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If you Require TRAINING for a Missouri CCW, Florida CCW, Nevada CCW, NRA Basic Pistol, or OTHER TRAINING BY AN NRA CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR, OR EXCELLENT BUYS ON GUNS, AMMO, AND ACCESSORIES, YOU HAVE FOUND IT! Shooting Range on Site (for instruction purposes only)!

We are a small shop with a large inventory of NEW and USED pistols and rifles. We ship worldwide!

Pistols Revolvers & Semi-Auto, we stock dependable firearms in the medium to upper price range. Ask us for a price on a custom Pistol, Competition, IPSIC or Race gun.

Rifles we stock military: AR-15, H&K G3, Ruger Mini 14/30, L1A1, AK47, Springfield M1A, etc., but also carry a good selection of hunting and competition rifles.

Trades Accepted, Transfer of Firearms Handled for a $40.00 Transfer Fee.

Arts Guns And Investments, LLC, an associate of Arts Guns And Ammo, LLC, is offering a few very collectable Original and Hot Rod Cars. Please review the adds under Collectable Autos if you are interested in acquiring a fine original collectable car, or Hot Rod, or Muscle Car. Art has been an avid collector for years and has decided to sell as well as buy.